Marine Switch

The waterproof marine rocker switch is widely used in cars, jeeps, rzr, RV, ATV, utv, marine boat, and so on, to control led light bar, led work light, fog lamps, headlights, taillights, auxiliary lamps, etc.

We have a non-light (2 pins), one LED (3 pins), and a double LED( 5 Pins) design for your choice. Rated at 20amp/12v and 10amp/24v. The most popular is the switch with ON-OFF (SPST) function.

DR-A11L25B Horn Button Rocker Switch

DR-A11L24G Horn Button Rocker Switch Blue LED 12 Volt, Auto Train ATV Boat Marine Toggle Switch Momentary Waterproof 12V

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DR-A11L25 5 Pin Toggle Rocker Switch

DR-A11L25 5 Pin Toggle Rocker Switch, LED Marine Rocker Switches 12V 20A

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DR-A11X25 LED Boat Rocker Switch

DR-A11X25 LED Boat Rocker Switch, LED Light Bar Rocker Switch, Laser On/Off 20A/12V 10A/24V Switch

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DR-A11L27G UTV Car Rocker Switch

DR-A11L27G UTV Car Rocker Switch, Momentary Laser Rocker Switch with 7Pins Winch In Winch out

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DR-A11313A Marine Boat Rocker Switch

DR-A11313A Marine Boat Rocker Switch 12V, Lighted LED Waterproof Rocker Switch for UTV RZR SPST 3 Pin with Single LED, ON/Off 20A Heavy Duty

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DR-A11625A Waterproof Marine Rocker Switch

DR-A11625A Waterproof Marine Rocker Switch, 5 Pin with Dual LED, ON-OFF for Car, Boat

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DR-A11102AB 12 Volt Marine Switches

DR-A11102AB 12 Volt Marine Switches ,Waterproof Toggle Switch 12 Volt 20A SPST 2 Pin ON/Off Heavy Duty for Boat ATV RZR RV Automotive

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PN-BS 1-Slot Rocker Switch Housing

PN-BS 1-Slot Rocker Switch Housing, Plastic Single Mount Box for LED Light Bar Dash Board Toggle on Vehicles Automotive Car 4X4 SUV ATV UTV Marine Bo

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