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Connectors are a very broad term, and many different types are depending on what they are used for, how they are installed, how they are structured, how they perform, and so on. Our DC Power Jacks, Phone Jacks, and Terminal Blocks also belong to the connector.

DC power jacks are most commonly found on wall plug-in power supplies and power adapters with low DC. 2.1mm and 2.5mm are the most popular, followed by 1.7mm and 1.3mm. We carry a wide range of DC power jacks including straight and right angle PC mount, plastic or metal housings, solder terminals, and a variety of center pin size options.

Phone jacks included 3.5mm phone jacks and 6.35mm(1/4″) phone jacks. They are used for audio with mono or stereo. We also carry a wide range of phone Jacks and Plugs including straight and right-angle plugs, metal and plastic handles, two and three conductors.

And we supply wago cloned terminal blocks, tools. … Once the wire is inserted into the connector, the Wago clamp secures the conductor and encloses its insulation. It saves time and money, so it’s now widely used on house renovation and electrical equipment.

Anderson Connector

Anderson Connector series: the ultimate solution for reliable and efficient power connections. Engineered with precision and built to withstand even the most challenging environments, our Anderson Connectors offer unrivaled performance and safety. With a diverse range of connectors available, including Anderson Powerpole, SB, and PP connectors, we have the perfect option to meet your specific power requirements. Whether you're in the automotive, solar, or industrial sector, our Anderson Connectors provide unmatched quality and versatility. Experience seamless power transmission, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind with our trusted Anderson Connectors.

Solar Connector

Solar connectors are used to connect solar panels to other panels, batteries, and junction boxes. The common solar connector is a standardized single-pole connector with built-in strain relief and interlocking - an interlocking feature that ensures safe docking and prevents accidental release between plug and socket. They are available in specification classes of at least 20A and 600V isolation. Because they are often used outdoors, connectors are weatherproof and are paired with double-insulated, UV-protected cables. Branch connectors can be used to assist in the parallel or series connection of solar panels, such as connecting multiple panels to a single cell to increase power.

DC Power Jack

DC power jack connectors are small cylindrical connectors with a central metal pin. 2.1 X 5.5mm DC male & female Connectors (Audio Jack) are attached to a power cable using solder terminals, perfect for making a cable to the desired length or replacing a broken connector. The jack is mounted on the product to be powered, the mating cylindrical plug (not supplied by GCT) is normally mounted on a cable assembly connected to a power supply. Solder to the solder terminals and connect a DC Barrel plug into the end. 2.1mm DC Jack can be used under 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V DC Power Application to Media Player, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, Audio-Video Equipment, AV Equipment, Note Book, Cellular Phone, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Smart Phone, PDA, Car Audio, Guitar Effect Pedal, etc.

Power Outlet

Power outlet is also called Power Socket, AC Socket, power receptacle, AC Connector, and IEC Socket, Almost all of the electrical equipment will use a power outlet, to achieve the connection of electrical equipment and power. Power plugs and sockets differ from one another in voltage and current rating, shape, size, and connector type. Different systems of plugs and sockets have been standardized, and different standards are used in different parts of the world. We supply many kinds of power outlets and plugs for more than 15 years. The power outlets that we supply are all panel mount type, Some of them also have switch function(with rocker switch) and Overload protection(with fuse) and Electromagnetic filtering function. We called the AC socket with EMI filtering function as IEC EMI Filter, The function of the power EMI filter is to filter the frequency in the power line except for the specific frequency so that the user can obtain a power signal of a specific frequency, or eliminate the power signal after a specific frequency. And it should be understood that the main purpose of the power filter is to suppress electromagnetic noise, which can effectively reduce the product's disturbance voltage emission to the power grid, thereby improving the product's immunity and blocking the impact of the power supply on the equipment due to the unclean power grid. Power Outlets and EMI Filters are widely used on TV, LCD Monitor, Set Top Box, DVD Player, DVR Recorder, Audio-Video Equipment, AV Equipment, Power Units, Industrial Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Home Theater, and peripherals, etc.

Banana Jack

Banana jacks included Banana Plugs and Banana Sockets which have become the connection of choice at almost all levels of audio. They are used to carry dc and low-frequency signals. They are commonly used on power supplies and multimeters. The relative ease of termination and the time tested reliability of the connector provide one of the best solutions for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. These banana jacks accept a wide range of wire diameters to suit the needs of your system. A small screwdriver is the only extra tool you need for terminating the wires; no crimping and no soldering. Color-coded vinyl insulators made of highly conductive brass, slide easily over the connector and are long enough to provide added protection from accidental short circuits when pulled up to the mating jack surface. Includes connectors and insulators to create equal pairs of plugs.

Binding Post

A binding post is a connector commonly used on electronic test equipment to terminate attach a single wire or test lead. They are also found on loudspeakers and audio amplifiers as well as other electrical equipment,That’s why some times it’s also called speaker terminal. A binding post contains a central threaded metal rod/shaft and a cap that screws down on that rod. The cap is commonly insulated with plastic and color-coded: red commonly means an active or positive terminal; black indicates an inactive (reference or return) or negative terminal; and green indicates an earth (ground) terminal. Binding posts stand the test of time for good reason. They’re versatile, reliable, and easy to use. That’s why they’re ubiquitous in speakers, amps, test equipment, and electronics in general. With our vast selection of styles, sizes, and finishes, you’re sure to find the binding posts you need for your next project or repair! Daier binding posts are designed to prevent accidental contact with current carrying parts. They feature a “limited opening” captivated head to insure safety. Normally binding post is used together with Banana Plugs and Alligator Clips.

Alligator Clip

The alligator clip is also named alligator clamp, crocodile clip, or crocodile clamp. An alligator clip is a sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws that are used for creating a temporary electrical connection. This simple mechanical device gets its name from the resemblance of its jaws to that of an alligator’s or crocodile. It is used to connect an electrical cable to a battery or some other component. Functioning much like a spring-loaded clothespin, the clip’s tapered, serrated jaws are forced together by a spring to grip an object. When manufactured for electronics testing and evaluation, one jaw of the clip is typically permanently crimped or soldered to the wire or is bent to form the inner tubular contact of a 4 mm female banana jack, enabling a quick non-permanent connection between a circuit under test and laboratory equipment or to another electrical circuit. The clip is typically covered by a plastic shroud or “boot” to prevent accidental short-circuits. We carry a selection of widely used electrical alligator clips in various sizes, insulated and uninsulated, Most of them for car battery and test equipment use.

Battery Holder

A battery holder is one or more compartments or chambers for holding a battery. For dry cells, the holder must also make electrical contact with the battery terminals. For wet cells, cables are often connected to the battery terminals, as is found in automobiles or emergency lighting equipment. A battery holder is either a plastic case with the shape of the housing molded as a compartment or compartments that accepts a battery or batteries, or a separate plastic holder that is mounted with screws, eyelets, glue, double-sided tape, or other means. Battery holders may have a lid to retain and protect the batteries or maybe sealed to prevent damage to circuitry and components from battery leakage. Coiled spring wire or flat tabs that press against the battery terminals are the two most common methods of making the electrical connection inside a holder. External connections on battery holders are usually made by contacts with pins, surface mount feet, solder lugs, or wire leads. Because of the different battery sizes, our battery boxes are roughly divided into AA Battery Holder, AAA Battery Holder, 18650 Battery Holder, 2032 Battery Holder, 9V Battery Holder/Snap.


The terminal is used to realize the electrical connection of a kind of accessories products, the industry is divided into the category of connectors. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and industrial control requirements more and more strict and accurate, the use of terminal gradually increased. With the development of the electronic industry, more and more terminals are used, and more and more kinds. The most widely used in addition to PCB board terminal, there are hardware terminal, nut terminal, spring terminal,Insulated Terminals, and so on. The terminals supplied by our company, mainly cold pressing terminals and insulated terminals, are matched with our switches/sockets/indicator lights. Because of our specialty, we will recommend the most suitable terminal to you.

Other Connector

Our other connectors selection introduces a range of distinctive products that cater to specialized connectivity needs. Unlike traditional categories, this assortment is carefully tailored to accommodate unique applications that may not fit conventional classifications. From intricately engineered solutions to connectors designed for specific functions, this collection showcases our commitment to addressing diverse connectivity challenges. Explore 'Our Other Connectors' to discover products that are purpose-built for precise requirements, providing reliable and efficient connections for your projects.

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