Micro Switch

What are Micro switches?

These are inexpensive parts that can function for a very long time, with some of them being rated to endure as many as 10 million cycles before they break down. The switches are used in a variety of different applications, but their main characteristics being easily actuated and incredibly durable make them common in consumer devices, industrial applications and other uses where they endure many cycles over their lifespan.

These switches are very commonly employed as safety devices, as they are reliable, inexpensive and can open up a circuit when needed, preventing a machine from being turned on or a door from closing when someone is in the way.

Daier’s MICRO SWITCH switches fill many roles in customers’ applications. Also, it includes presence, absence, positioning as well as inspection, recognition, condition measurement, etc. From sealed switches used in high temperature aerospace applications to large cable-pull switches that ensuring safety on conveyors, Daier is the right switch!

MICRO SWITCH series standard miniature basic switches are precision snap-action mechanisms enclosed in accurately molded plastic cases. Besides, these switches are designed for high precision, presence/absence detection, where physical contact with an object is permissible and in simple on-off actions.

These switches are suitable for application flexibility. Furthermore, Daire’s certifications include CE, CQC, & TUV. Normally, the annual production of microswitch in Daier is very huge, we can meet all of the requirements from each customer.

With years of design and manufacturing experience, Daier Electron is the market leader in the micro switch. We have 20 years of design experience, we are your best choice.

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