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A2-23B-07 Push Button Engine Start Switch


The push-button engine start switch is 12VDC 50A, featuring a convenient red/blue LED light and easy installation for versatile applications.

Its heavy-duty construction ensures reliable performance, while the precise 22mm installation diameter and universal design make it easy to install.

Category :

Marine Switch

A2-23B-07 Push Button Engine Start Switch Details

  • Heavy Duty

This 12VDC 50A push start ignition switch allows for quick and effortless vehicle startup with just a momentary button press.

  • Red/Blue LED

The blue LED light provides enhanced visibility in dark environments, and the wiring options allow for customizable lighting modes, including button-activated or constant LED illumination.

  • Easy Installation

With a precise 22mm/0.87″ installation diameter and universal design, this switch ensures straightforward and hassle-free installation.

  • Wide Application

It is suitable for marine vehicles, racing cars, trucks, and RVs, this start button is versatile and adaptable to various automotive applications.

A2-23B-07 Engine Start Switch Datasheet

Frame Nylon 66 (94V-2), Black
Cover ABS(94HB)
Terminals Copper Alloy
Light Color Red/Blue
Size 31 x 44mm / 1.2″ x 1.7″
Life 10,000 cycles circuit
LED ∅5 White diffuse
Size 33x 46mm/ 1.3x 1.8in.

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