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Power Outlet

Power outlet is also called Power Socket, AC Socket, power receptacle, AC Connector, and IEC Socket, Almost all of the electrical equipment will use a power outlet, to achieve the connection of electrical equipment and power. Power plugs and sockets differ from one another in voltage and current rating, shape, size, and connector type. Different systems of plugs and sockets have been standardized, and different standards are used in different parts of the world.

We supply many kinds of power outlets and plugs for more than 15 years. The power outlets that we supply are all panel mount type, Some of them also have switch function(with rocker switch) and Overload protection(with fuse) and Electromagnetic filtering function.

We called the AC socket with EMI filtering function as IEC EMI Filter, The function of the power EMI filter is to filter the frequency in the power line except for the specific frequency so that the user can obtain a power signal of a specific frequency, or eliminate the power signal after a specific frequency. And it should be understood that the main purpose of the power filter is to suppress electromagnetic noise, which can effectively reduce the product’s disturbance voltage emission to the power grid, thereby improving the product’s immunity and blocking the impact of the power supply on the equipment due to the unclean power grid.

Power Outlets and EMI Filters are widely used on TV, LCD Monitor, Set Top Box, DVD Player, DVR Recorder, Audio-Video Equipment, AV Equipment, Power Units, Industrial Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Home Theater, and peripherals, etc.

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