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DR-A12927EBL Waterproof ON OFF ON Rocker Switch


DR-A12927EBL waterproof on off on rocker switch is used in 20A at 12VDC and 10A at 24VDC systems, 7-pin, double led, IP65, self-locking.

It has built-in two premium LEDs Emits soft light to illuminate the patterns, easy for you to find the switch in the dark.

Category :

Marine Switch

DR-A12927EBL Waterproof ON OFF ON Rocker Switch Details

  • Simple Operation

Different functions can be selected according to the position when the switch is toggled.

  • Sturdy Construction

The switch is made of plastic and metal, which is safe, durable, anti-corrosion, and rust-proof.

  • Great Compatibility

The switch controls the on-off of the AC and DC power supply circuit, which can be used alone or locked together with other switches.

  • Visual Feedback

The illuminated toggle switch works when the circuit is turned on and illuminates to provide visual feedback of circuit operation

  • Wide Application

It is suitable for all cars, RVs, Cans, Motorcycles, buses, boats, trailers, jeeps, etc.

DR-A12927EBL Datasheet

Rating 12V 20A/24V 10A
Installation Pre-wired
Material ABS, PC
Waterproof grade IP65
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
LED Color Green/Red/Blue

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