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Marine and Offshore Industry

Operators in the marine and offshore sector face a unique set of challenges posed by extreme weather conditions, corrosive saltwater environments, and vibrations from engines and propellers.

To meet the needs of these operators, manufacturers must account for these factors when designing and manufacturing marine and offshore switch panels.

The best panels also offer features that make them easier to use, reducing operator fatigue and improving safety.

What we provide

When out boating, sometimes a quick response is required. To respond quickly and efficiently to any situation, you need to clearly indicate which systems are on or off. That’s what marine switch panels and marine switches allow you to do.

Whether you are a novice boater, an experienced seaman or a boat builder, you know the importance of equipping your boat with the best and most reliable equipment on the market.

With nearly 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, Daier has a long history of development in marine switches, battery disconnect switches, and more. From small yachts to large yachts, OEM design engineers trust our products not only for their style, but also for their performance and quality.

Decisions still need to be made when it comes to a boat’s electrical systems. While they may appear small, they can have a major impact on a boat’s overall appearance and safety capabilities. One such element is the ship’s switch panel, which is the center of the ship’s electrical capabilities and controls. Marine switch panels are not a panacea. They require careful research and evaluation by boat builders and operators.

Due to their unmatched quality, Daier’s marine switches and battery disconnect switches protect boats and crews from electrical hazards in extreme marine environments. At Daier, we manufacturer multiple 12v switch panels with six, five, four or three switches. For smaller boats, you may only need separate switches, for which we offer push-pull, toggle and rocker switches.

For easier switch identification, we also have switch labels, which means you can ask passengers to turn on the navigation lights without any hassle, even when you’re not at the helm.

Likewise, we can provide customized product services to meet your most stringent design requirements and the most suitable solution.

Main types of marine switch panels

One of the most important switch panel considerations is the kind of switch used. While that might not seem like a big decision in the grand scheme of things, the switch type sets the tone for the panel’s aesthetic. Currently, there are three main types of switches on the market for these panels.

Let’s take a look at these three so you can judge which is best for your application:

Rocker Switch

Rocker switches are spring-loaded switches that are widely used in household, professional, and recreational equipment (ie, switches on power strips). Many switch panel manufacturers offer a variety of different rocker switch styles, including night-readable etched rockers and simple and economical printed rockers.


  • Customizable or easily changeable labels
  • Flexible job options
  • Range of styles to choose from

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Toggle Switches

A toggle switch is a short metal switch operated by a protruding lever that moves up and down. Like rocker switches, toggle switches can be found on recreational vehicles such as homes, businesses, and cruise ships. Most toggle switches look similar and don’t come in many different styles.


  • Supports any voltage (12Vdc – 48Vdc)
  • Flexible positions
  • Easy customization

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Push button switch

Push button switches are just like they sound, simple buttons that control electrical mechanisms with the touch of a finger. Typically, pushbutton switches come with a plastic housing (although the material can be customized) and sometimes include a backlight feature for ease of use.


  • With built-in circuit protection
  • Customizable hardware

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The switch panels are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and are designed to be durable enough to withstand the harshest environments. Plus, switch panels are the latest innovation in the marine and offshore industry. This device provides a faster, simpler, and more efficient way to switch between power and control circuits.


  • Design for durability
  • Simple to install

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A battery disconnect switch works by physically disconnecting the battery from the rest of the electrical system. The Battery Switch is an essential marine and offshore industrial development safety device. It can be used to isolate battery packs in the event of a fire or other emergency. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, sailing boats, campers, travel trailers, battery packs, and other equipment. Easy to install and use.


  • Use corrosion-resistant materials
  • Easy to use

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Busbars are designed for a solid connection point from one power source to multiple branch circuits. Or many branch circuits back to a single power supply. The BUS BAR is a busbar that provides an easy and efficient connection between the vessel and the vessel’s electrical system. With its simple and compact design, the BUS BAR makes it easier than ever for those in the marine and offshore industries to connect and power electrical systems


  • Easy to install
  • Provides security and reliability

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