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Having a perfect and distinctive car is the dream of each of us. But I am not rich, or I am rich, but the existing cars on the market can not satisfy my thoughts, Oh, so distressed.


Well, why not try to use your own hands to modify your car, it will be very interesting, and it will make you feel more deeply with your car.
In order to achieve this wonderful wish, our company has prepared a variety of practical accessories for your DIY use, such as Auto Marine Switches, Cigarette Plugs&Power Sockets, Ammeters, DC Voltmeters, USB Chargers, Auto Switch Panels, LED Indicators and so on. They are simple to install and have a beautiful appearance.


Control your lightbars, spotlights, strobes and other work lighting on your wrecker or rollback with switch panels and switches from Daier. Our electrical hardware department carries switches from a single toggle and rocker to multi-function panels. Update or repair your system today with new parts from us.

Car USB Charger

DC Power Socket

DC Voltmeter & Ammeter

Marine Switch

Marine Switch

Marine switch is a small high-capacity power switch suitable for home appliances and office equipment. Compared with other switches, it is more powerful. But marine switches are also used in different types, such as the DR series. Marine switch is used in water dispensers, treadmills, computer speakers, battery cars, motorcycles, ion televisions, coffee makers, power strips, massage machines, mainly household appliances.

Marine Switch

Switch Panel