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Other Switch

Daier is a professional manufacturer of electrical switches. Daier not only produces toggle switches, micro switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, but also produces other switches such as key switches, rotary switches, tactile switches, dip switches, slide switches, etc. Most of Daier’s electronic switches are certified to UL, TÜV, RoHS, CE, etc.

Daier’s engineering and product teams are proficient in the design and development of electronic switches and are able to test, process and develop custom solutions to meet specific requirements which are not met by our standard range of small switches.

With years of experience, our electronic switch team can provide expert advice on a range of switching matters. If you are unable to find your specific requirements from the products, please contact us for more information.

Tact Switch

We supply a wide range of tact switches (tactile switches), Tact switch looks like push button switch, but the main difference between them is that tact switch is with small size, small power rating, light operating force, only can be normally open and momentary function. Tact switches are designed for PCB mounting and commonly used in many electronic devices. Available in LED illuminated, IP67 sealed, low-profile, low-noise, SMT and through-hole versions. Because of its low price and stable quality, tact switches are widely used in instruments equipment, toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, consumer electronics, and test equipment, among many others.

Dip Switch

The DIP switch is an address switch for operation control, which uses the principle of 0/1 binary coding. In layman's terms, it is a miniature switch that can be toggled by hand. There are many models of DIP switches. According to the pin position, they are divided into Through Hole type and SMD type. According to the way of dialing, they are divided into flat dial and side dial. According to the pitch of switch terminals, there is 2.54mm and 1.27mm. And black, red and blue according to the color. According to the number of poles, it is normally 1 pole to 12 poles. Each Actuator corresponds to two pins of the switch, turn it to the ON side, the two pins below are connected; otherwise, it is disconnected. All Actuators are independent and not related to each other. This type of component is mostly used for binary coding, which can be set to 1 when on; 0 when off. Dip switch is widely used in data processing, communication, remote control, and anti-theft automatic alarm system, air shower room, train model, and other products that require manual programming.

Key Switch

The key lock switches we supplied are used as electronic switches to control the circuit ON/OFF, not mechanical locks. They are used in computer locking and other security systems. Our key switches’ cut-out mounting diameters included 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 22mm. 12mm size key switches only with ON/OFF function. 16mm and 19mm keyswitches can be ON/OFF, ON/ON, OFF/ON/ON, ON/OFF/ON with latching or momentary. All of our keylock switches are with common keys and non-waterproof.

Rotary Switch

A rotary switch is a kind of switch that rotates the handle to control different circuit functions. Normal switches only have three positions at most, but the rotary switch can have 2 positions to 12 positions. They are used in large quantities for old-fashioned televisions, electric fans, microwave ovens, juicers, Industrial machine control units, and other electrical equipment. Our rotary switches are available in a variety of indexing options for applications ranging from 15mA to 16 Amps. With multi-pole, multi-position designs.

Slide Switch

Slide switch is defined by it’s method of operation, the circuit is switched by moving actuator. The slide switches in our company are classified into Vertical Mini Slide switch, Horizontal Mini Slide switch, Vertical slide switch, Horizontal slide switch, AC power slide switch. We have slide switches compatible for PCB Mount and panel mount applications. Available in SPST, SPDT, SP3T, DPST, DPDT, 3PDT, 4PDT and 4P3T functions. Because of its low price and stable quality, Slide switches are widely used in instruments equipment, toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment, consumer electronics, industrial controls, and test equipment, among many others.

Switch Accessories

Switch accessories are used with compatible switches as repair or maintenance parts, or to enhance switch functionality. We offer a wide range of switch accessories to address customer needs. DAIER manufactures many types of switches such as rocker switches, push button switches, toggle switches, micro switches, auto switches, etc. Different types of switches require different types of accessories. DAIER offers a wide range of switch accessories such as switch panels, switch caps, switch boxes, switch covers, switch actuators and more.

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