Waterproof Micro Switch

Daier offered Waterproof Micro switch for 20 years, the waterproof micro switch has a variety of actuator, like pin plunger, lever, and roller lever.

The degree protection provided by enclosure can be reached IP67. Electrical ratings from low levels up to 15 Amps, and a broad range of operating forces from 50gf to 400gf.

The micro switch terminal styles include PCB through hole, quick connect, screw and solder.

Mounting options include vertical, right angle, PCB and snap-in mounting.  They are widely used in Home appliances, like test Equipment, Automotive, Arcade games, Medical Devices and so on. Most of people used them in a very cold, moist, and dust environment.

Why Choose Us

  • RoHS Material poses no health risk.
  • IP65-IP67, excellent waterproof effect.
  • Stronger Material, greatly extends the useful life.
  • Simple installation, convenient operating.
  • Different collocation, Multiple choice.