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WAGO Connector

222-102/103/104/105 Push In Wire Connectors with Operating Levers

The push in wire connectors with operating levers, rated voltage: 250V/4KV; rated current: 32A; wire gauge: 28-12 AWG; OEM or ODM: Available.

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222-102, 222-103, 222-105

222-102, 222-103, 222-105 terminal block connectable conductor materials is copper

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221-102, 221-103, 221-104, 221-105

221-102, 221-103, 221-104, 221-105 connectors for all wire types set new standards.

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773-102, 773-104, 773-106, 773-108

773-102, 773-104, 773-106, 773-108 terminal block connector for junction boxes provides an immediate solution for use with solid conductors with cross-sections up 4mm².

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224-101 wire connectors with Pushfit port on one side and Cage Clamp on the other.

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