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Toggle Switch

A toggle switch lets you control the electrical circuit open or close by flicking a lever back and forth. With its small size and convenient operation, it is widely used in electronic equipment.

Daier produces toggle switches in a variety of styles and configurations. For panel or PCB mounting, we have standard, miniature and sub-miniature switches in single pole, double poles, triple poles and four poles configurations, momentary and alternate. Bat actuator, flat actuator, long metal actuator, short metal actuator, plastic actuator are all available, and screw terminals, solder lugs, and quick-connect terminals for your choose.

How to choose a toggle switch? The most important thing is to confirm the current and voltage ratings of the device and leave a certain margin. It’s better to choose 6A toggle switch, if the current rating is 3A. Then, choose the suitable size and function of the switch.

We have 20 years experience on toggle switches, welcome to contact us and we will recommend the most suitable switch for you!

Sub-mini Toggle Switch

Sub-Miniature Toggle Switches are offered in both SPDT and DPDT with multiple actuator, bushing, and termination options. Features include a contact rating of up to 3A, an operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C, and 1000MΩ minimum insulation resistance. Ideal applications include telecommunications, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

Miniature Toggle Switch

DAIER has a variety of miniature toggle switches, and the product's switch function, handle options, terminal options, and other configurations are available. We have a professional switch team that can provide expert advice on a range of switch matters. If you cannot find your specific requirements from the products listed below, please contact us for more information.

Medium Toggle Switch

Daier's KN3 series are medium-sized toggle switches, we have different types of toggle housings, switches with different switch functions, such as ON-OFF, ON-ON, OFF-(ON), ON-(ON), ON-OFF -ON and so on, different terminal types, like screw terminal, solder terminal, PC terminal, press terminal, hitch terminal, and different handle types can perfectly meet your needs.

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