Rocker Switch

Rocker switch is one of the easiest and most popular switches, it’s designed to switch a device ON-OFF, The actuator rocks from one side to the other when pressed, leaving one side raised and the other depressed. This rocking mechanism will either connect or disconnect an electrical circuit.

Rocker switches are widely used in Instrumentation front panels, Electrical equipment (power supplies, power outlet strips, battery chargers…), Household appliances (vacuum cleaners, food equipment…), Computers and peripherals (servers, network hubs, routers), Telecommunications, Audio/visual equipment, Industrial equipment (control panels, handling and packing machines, HVAC units, shop vacs), Small equipment (handheld devices, electric tools, office equipment), Lighting equipment, Off-Road vehicles, Medical equipment, etc.


Our company supplies a wide variety of rocker switches, includes Sub-Miniature, Miniature, and Medium Sizes, corresponding to 3A 250VAC,6A 250VAC, and 16A 250VAC respectively. Switch function can be SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, 3PDT(ON-OFF, ON-ON, ON-OFF-ON) with Momentary or Alternate.


Many kinds of shapes and colors, Options like round, square, rectangle, oval shapes with standard, waterproof rubber boots, and custom symbols available on the actuator.


Rocker switch illumination may be controlled on a separate circuit, or be dependent on switch position, based on what series is chosen. Available termination options include Right Angled pins, PCB pins, solder lugs, screw terminals, and quick-connect terminals.


We specialize in designing and producing rocker switches for 20 years, our professional knowledge can provide you with the best solutions. Welcome to send us an inquiry if any rocker switches you need!

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