DC Power Jack

DC power jack connectors are small cylindrical connectors with a central metal pin. 2.1 X 5.5mm DC male & female Connectors (Audio Jack) are attached to a power cable using solder terminals, perfect for making a cable to the desired length or replacing a broken connector.

The jack is mounted on the product to be powered, the mating cylindrical plug (not supplied by GCT) is normally mounted on a cable assembly connected to a power supply. Solder to the solder terminals and connect a DC Barrel plug into the end. 2.1mm DC Jack can be used under 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V DC Power

Application to Media Player, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, Audio-Video Equipment, AV Equipment, Note Book, Cellular Phone, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Smart Phone, PDA, Car Audio, Guitar Effect Pedal, etc.

DC-005 DC Power Jack

DC-005 DC Power Jack, 5.5 x 2.1 mm Female 3Pin 

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DC-022 12V 2.1mm DC Jack

DC-022 12V 2.1mm DC Jack,2.1 X 5.5mm DC Jack Connector 6V 9V 12V DC Barrel Jack Panel Mount

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DC-022B 12 Volt DC Female Jack

DC-022B 12 Volt DC Female Jack, 5.5x2.1mm Jack Connector

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DC-025M 9V DC Power Jack

DC-025M 9V DC Power Jack, Jack Socket Female Mount Connector

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DC2.1-T1 12V Male DC Power Jack

DC2.1-T1 12V Male DC Power Jack, Male+Female 2.1x5.5MM DC Power Jack Plug Adapter Connector for CCTV Camera

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DC2.1-T1-B DC Power Connector Plug

DC2.1-T1-B DC Power Connector Plug, Male and Female 5.5mm x 2.1mm, Power Jack Plug Adapter Socket for CCTV Camera and Led Strip

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