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Anderson Connector

Anderson Connector series: the ultimate solution for reliable and efficient power connections. Engineered with precision and built to withstand even the most challenging environments, our Anderson Connectors offer unrivaled performance and safety. With a diverse range of connectors available, including Anderson Powerpole, SB, and PP connectors, we have the perfect option to meet your specific power requirements. Whether you’re in the automotive, solar, or industrial sector, our Anderson Connectors provide unmatched quality and versatility. Experience seamless power transmission, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind with our trusted Anderson Connectors.

AP-30 Single Pole PP45 Model Anderson Powerpole Connector

The Anderson powerpole connectors with multiple housing sizes and the ability to handle currents up to 45A and wire sizes from m 20 to 10 AWG.

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AP-50-4+DS2001 50 Amp Anderson Battery Quick Connector Kit with Mounting Bracket and Cover

The battery quick connector kit is designed for 6-12 gauge cable and this kit ensures reliable voltage and current with a capacity of 50 amps and a voltage rating of 600V.

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AP-50 50 Amp SB50 Anderson Connector Kit with Cover

The 50 Amp SB50 Anderson connector offers exceptional power transmission capabilities. Featuring a solid PC flame-retardant housing and red copper silver-plated terminal pins.

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AP-120 Battery Quick Disconnect 120 Amp Anderson Plug

The 120 amp Anderson plug with a rated voltage of 600V (max) and a current rating of 120A (max), this plug ensures reliable and efficient power transmission.

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AP-175 SB175 Series 175 Amp Anderson Plug Battery Quick Connect Kit

The 175 Amp Anderson plug is a high-quality battery quick connector designed for 2-4 gauge cables, featuring a voltage rating of 600V and a maximum current of 175 Amps.

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AP-350 SB350 Series 350A Anderson Powerpole Connectors

The the 350A Anderson powerpole connectors feature durable PC flame retardant housing and copper silver-plated terminal pins for stable voltage and current flow.

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