Dip Switch

The DIP switch is an address switch for operation control, which uses the principle of 0/1 binary coding. In layman’s terms, it is a miniature switch that can be toggled by hand.

There are many models of DIP switches. According to the pin position, they are divided into Through Hole type and SMD type. According to the way of dialing, they are divided into flat dial and side dial. According to the pitch of switch terminals, there is 2.54mm and 1.27mm. And black, red and blue according to the color. According to the number of poles, it is normally 1 pole to 12 poles.

Each Actuator corresponds to two pins of the switch, turn it to the ON side, the two pins below are connected; otherwise, it is disconnected. All Actuators are independent and not related to each other. This type of component is mostly used for binary coding, which can be set to 1 when on; 0 when off.

Dip switch is widely used in data processing, communication, remote control, and anti-theft automatic alarm system, air shower room, train model, and other products that require manual programming.