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KA483-5 Rotary Switch knob:

KA483-5 is with 18T shaft rotary switch knob.
It’s with black housing and colorful top and indicator line. This knob is without brass insert and set screw, so that will be directly assemble to the shaft.
The knob can be wide used for the rotary switch, potentiometer, switch panel, etc.
There is only one kinds of shaft for this knob.
It’s 18 teeth shaft.
Available color: red, green, yellow, white, blue.

Pls check the datasheet below:

Material: Plastic Shaft: 18 teeth
Color: White, Red, Green, Yellow,etc. Height: 17mm
Inner diameter: 12.5mm Body Diameter: 15mm
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃ OEM or ODM: Available

KA483-5 18T shaft: