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RCR-1 433Mhz RF ON-OFF DC8-86V 30A Relay Wireless Remote Control Switch


The 30A relay wireless remote control switch uses a stable 433MHz RF frequency, it boasts exceptional signal strength, covering distances up to 100 meters with ease.

With a robust 30A relay, this switch offers reliable control for high-power appliances.

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RCR-1 433Mhz RF ON-OFF DC8-86V 30A Relay Wireless Remote Control Switch Details

  • Strong Signal Transmission

Operating on a 433MHz RF frequency, this relay wireless remote control switch ensures reliable performance with exceptional reception sensitivity (> -105dBm). Its potent signal can effortlessly penetrate walls, doors, and floors, covering distances up to 100 meters without obstruction. An extendable antenna further enhances signal reception.

  • Robust Control

Boasting a 30A relay, the receiver accommodates high-power electrical appliances, guaranteeing stable and enduring control. With the capability to store approximately 20 transmitters, each receiver offers remarkable flexibility. Additionally, a single transmitter can effortlessly operate multiple receivers, provided they are appropriately paired.

  • User-Friendly Operation

The receiver’s power supply ranges from DC8V to DC86V, and its output voltage equals the input voltage. The default mode upon shipping is Latched, wherein pressing the transmitter’s “on” button activates the relay, while pressing the “off” button deactivates it. The switch can be set to four different modes: Momentary, Toggle, Latched, and Delay Time, based on specific requirements.

  • Exceptional Durability

Engineered with high-quality relay components, this wireless remote control switch exhibits a lifespan exceeding 100,000 cycles. Its robust design ensures longevity and stability, even in scenarios with fluctuating current. The receiver is adaptable to a voltage range of 85V to 240V, making it versatile for various applications.

  • Versatile Applications

Ideal for residential, industrial, and commercial use, this wireless remote control switch finds application in homes, farms, factories, offices, laboratories, and supermarkets. Its capacity to remotely operate devices connected to the relay receiver, such as water pumps, gates, exhaust fans, fish pond aerators, agricultural irrigation systems, and more, offers a wide array of practical possibilities.

RCR-1 433Mhz RF ON-OFF DC8-86V 30A Relay Wireless Remote Control Switch Datasheet

Operation Mode ON-OFF
Max Load 30A
Voltage  DC8-86V 
Receiver Sensitivity -112dbm
Working Temp -40℃~80℃
Remote Control Distance 100M
Size 62.5mmx43.5mmx28.9mm
Working Way Momentary, Toggle, Latched, Delay time

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