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PN-1814 4 Gang Boat Rocker Switch Panel

PN-1814 4 Gang Boat Rocker Switch Panel


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Switch Panel

PN-1814 4 Gang Boat Rocker Switch Panel

Adopt High Quality Temperature Resistant, Flame Retardant and Eco-Friendly Materials

It’s a very reliable control equipment

PN-1814 4 Gang Boat Rocker Switch Panel Details

PN-1814 4 Gang Led Rocker Switch Kit:included 4 on-off Blue LED Marine Switches,Great for All Types of Circuit Control, Charging needs and Voltage Monitoring.

PN-1814 4 Gang Led Rocker Switch ON-OFF State of 4 Electrical Apliance Synchronously Controlled Available, Marine-grade construction and IP65 Waterproof: It Adopt High Quality Aluminum Plate, Scratch-Proof and Corrosion Resistant.

Operating Temperature:You can even Use it at -25°(Min) or 85°(max).. ROHS and CE Certify, Totally Environment Friendly.

Installation is Simple and Can be Mounted Horizontally or Vertically,Panel Comes with Pre-Wired,Wiring Instructions.Mounting Screws;With Multi-Function Night Glow Stickers for DIY your Specific need.

Short Circuit/Overheat Protection:Built in Overload Protection,Suitable for Most DC 12V-24V Cars, UTV/ATV, Trucks, Trailer,RV, Caravan, Bus, Marine Boat, Yacht, Airplane, etc.

Daier engineers design and develop switch panels that are easily configurable and integrate with your existing control systems; our building block approach allows you to integrate any custom switch array quickly. Meeting your specific needs means offering a line of a flexible human interface, sensing and control solutions with today’s latest technology.

Daier years of experience in human interface components, panel design, and development, enable us to develop custom switch panel – control solutions that go beyond your standard conventional switches. Our customized switch panel technology includes pushbutton switches, electronic switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, joysticks and more. In addition to the switching function, Daier also incorporates features such as LED illumination, backlighting, intensity levels, sealing, connection…all designed and manufactured to make life simpler, the job safer, and your machine more efficient. Safety is vital in mobile applications; construction equipment, agricultural equipment and the vehicle industry. A control system utilizes the measured load on outriggers to determine the stability and safety of the vehicle.

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PN-1814 4 Gang Boat Rocker Switch Panel Datasheet Below

Switch Rating: 12V 20A/24V 10A IP Rating: IP65
Material: ABS, Nylon, Aluminium Plate Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Package: 1 x 4 Gang Marine Rocker Switch Panel
1 x Set of Screws1 x Set of DIY Stickers
LED Color: Green/Red/Blue