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KCD3-9-101N 3-Pin Single-Pole ON-OFF Red Rocker Switch


The red rocker switch is a medium size 3-pin single pole ON-OFF SPST switch and offers a high switching current in a compact design.

With its rugged nylon 66 housing, high mechanical life, and industry-standard mounting dimensions, this switch delivers exceptional quality, reliability, and durability for heavy loads.


KCD3-9-101N ON-OFF Red Rocker Switch Details

  1. The ON/OFF medium-sized red rocker switch combines compact design with high switching current, ensuring efficient electrical control. Its snap-in mounting and rugged nylon 66 housing provide durability and reliability for extended use.
  2. With a high mechanical life and industry-standard mounting dimensions, this rocker switch delivers exceptional quality and long-lasting performance, even under heavy loads. It is designed to meet the demands of various applications, such as water dispensers and extension sockets.
  3. The medium 1 poles rocker switch offers a dependable solution for controlling electrical devices. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for industrial and commercial settings, where reliability and longevity are crucial.
  4. Upgrade your equipment with the versatile the rocker switch, suitable for a wide range of applications. From water dispensers to extension sockets and beyond, this switch ensures efficient operation and easy integration into your electrical systems. Trust in its quality and compatibility for reliable performance in diverse environments.

KCD3-9-101N Red Rocker Switch Datasheet

Housing: Nylon 66 Button: Nylon 66
Terminal: Brass with sliver plated Button color: Red
Rating: 20A 125VAC/16A 250VAC Housing color: Standard White
Contact & Function: SPST,ON-OFF Lamp Voltage: 220V
Contact Resistance: 35mΩ max Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Insulation Resistance: 100mΩ min (500VDC) Electrical Life: ≥ 10,000 Cycles
Dielectric strength: 1500VAC 1 minute Mechanical Life: ≥ 100,000 Cycles
Certification: CE, CQC, SGS OEM or ODM: Available

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