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FB-2014 Single MRBF Terminal Fuse Block


The terminal fuse block accepts a single 30 to 300A MRBF (Marine Rated Battery Fuse) fuse on a single terminal stud (M8).

It is suitable for the protection of DC mains, inverter, windlass and bow thruster circuits and can provide high current protection in tight spaces.

FB-2014 Single MRBF Terminal Fuse Block Details

  • The MRBF terminal block kit comprises an MRBF terminal block, a red insulator cap, a washer, a lock washer and an M8 hex nut.
  • The fuse block has a maximum current of 300 A and a maximum voltage of 58 V. The terminal stud is M8 (5/16″) and the mounting hole is M10 (3/8″).
  • Compact high amperage fuses for DC mains, inverter, windlass and bow thruster circuit protection.
  • It provides high current protection in confined spaces and ignition protection when used in conjunction with MRBF terminal fuses.
  • The isolated stud design uses standard M8 hardware and allows stacking of terminals, while insulating caps prevent accidental short circuits.

FB-2014 Datasheet

Ignition Protected No
Maximum Amperage 300A
Maximum Voltage 58V DC
Terminal Stud M8 (5/16″)
Maximum Torque 75 in-lb (8.47 Nm)

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