ASW-29D Waterproof SPST Round Rocker Switch

Part # ASW-29D


ASW-29D Waterproof SPST Round Rocker Switch, 10 Amps at 125VAC, 6 Amps at 250VAC, 20 Amps at 12VDC, 3P, ON-OFF with LED indicator.

Three 3/16″ Male Contact Terminals – IP65. Using Push-On Connector and mounting hole 13/16″ diameter.


ASW-29D Waterproof SPST Round Rocker Switch

  • Simple Operation

Snap-in installation, easy installation, beautiful surface and firm installation. The double arrow pattern is easier to use. 20 amps at 12V DC, 10 amps at 125V AC, 6 amps at 250V AC, IP65.

  • Sturdy Construction

Made of plastic, metal and electrical components for safety and reliable operation with high impact resistance and better durability.

  • Great Compatibility

Designed to replace old broken switches or to refit cars for a variety of car glass lifts, power door lifts or motorboat home appliances.

  • Visual Feedback

The illuminated rocker switch illuminates when operating on DC or AC power and provides visual feedback of circuit operation.

  • Wide Application

Widely used in industrial control, van modification, marine panel, automotive, motor control, truck and bus.

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 ASW-29D  SPST 3P ON-OFF (with LED)
 ASW-29E-D  SPST 3P ON-OFF (with dot LED)

ASW-29D Waterproof SPST Round Rocker Switch

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ASW-29D, ASW-29, And ASW-29E-D Datasheet Below:

Rating: 10A 125VAC;6A 250VAC;20A 12VDC Contact Resistance: 50mΩ max
Electrical Life: ≥ 10,000 Cycles Mechanical Life: ≥ 100,000 Cycles
Dielectric strength: 1500VAC 1 minute Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Insulation Resistance: 100mΩ min (500VDC) OEM or ODM: Available