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KN-138/KN-135/KN-139 Aluminum Volume Potentiometer Control Knob


These potentiometer control knobs are available in three sizes, each with an arrow or digital indicator for 1/4″ smooth shaft potentiometers.

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KN-138; KN-135; KN-139 Aluminum Volume Potentiometer Control Knob:

KN-138; KN-135; KN-139 is volume control knob with wide skirt.
It’s Aluminum material, Chrome with Silver Cap, also have a wide aluminium skirt. Also it have many different size.
It’s brass insert and with set screw, it’s easy to fix to the appliance.
Shaft: 6.0mm and 6.4mm shaft with brass insert and set screw.
Printing: number 0-9 and delta mark.

A means: marking on skirt is Number 0~9
B means: marking on skirt is Delta mark


KN-138; KN-135; KN-139 6.0mm/6.4mm: