WPC series

WPC Series Rocker Switch Cover:

Daier wpc series rocker switch cover will be used for rocker switch play dustproof and waterproof function.

It is transparent plastic,we have round shape,square shape and rectangular shape.

Round shape have WPC-16,WPC-02;

Square shape have WPC-15,WPC-04 and WPC-04B;

Rectangular shape have WPC-1510,WPC-01,WPC-14,WPC-03,SSC-03;

Oval shape have WPC-13;

Different size can match with different switch to use,you can check the detailed drawing and picture as below:

WPC-1510Rectangle shape,it can be used for KCD5-101 series
WPC-16Round shape,it can be used for KCD5-2 series
WPC-01Rectangle shape,it can be used for KCD1-101/-1/-2/-4 series
WPC-02Round shape,it can be used for KCD1-5/-8 series
WPC-15Square shape,it can be used for KCD1-6 series
WPC-13Oval shape,it can be used for KCD1-9 series
WPC-14Rectangle shape,it can be sued for KCD1-12-101
WPC-03Rectangle shape,it can be used for KCD3-101 series
SSC-03Switch panel,it can be used for KCD3-2 series
WPC-04Square shape,it can be used for KCD2-201 series
WPC-04BSquare shape,it can be used for KCD2-2 series
rocker switch cover (2)
rocker switch cover (3)