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WM686 12V 120A/200A 4Pin Car Starter Relay


WM686 12V 120A/200A 4pin car starter relay includes battery clip accessories with one or two locks.

This relay is perfect for split charging or various automotive applications.

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WM686 12V 120A/200A 4Pin Car Starter Relay Details

  • Easy Installation

The product is equipped with terminals, washers, battery clip accessories and locks, making installation more simple and convenient.

  • Stable Performance

The 12v relay uses high-quality alloy terminals, and the internal contacts are silver-plated to ensure the flow and stability of current.

  • Safety Protection

The relay kit is made of high-grade flame retardant materials to protect the safety of equipment and people.

  • Wide Application

High coil capacity is suitable for cars, split charging, and various automotive applications.

WM686 Related Product 

WM686 120A 120A, 12VDC (14V Max), 4-Pin, SPST with one lock
WM686 200A 2000A, 12VDC (14V Max), 4-Pin, SPST with two locks

WM686 Relay Datasheet

Nominal Voltage (VDC) 12V
Max Applicable Voltage (VDC) 14V
Switching Current 120A / 200A
Temperature Range -30~+80°C
Contact Material AgSnO12
Contact Form Normal Open
Operate Time 15ms
Release Time 10ms

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