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WM686 12V 120A/200A 4Pin Remote Control Car Starter Relay Isolator Disconnect Battery Switch


12V 120A/200A 4Pin remote control car starter relay isolator disconnect Battery switch includes battery clip accessories with one or two locks.

This relay is perfect for split charging or various automotive applications.

Category :

Relay & Relay Box

WM686 12V 120A/200A 4Pin Car Starter Relay Details

  • Easy Installation

The product is equipped with terminals, washers, battery clip accessories and locks, making installation more simple and convenient.

  • Stable Performance

The 12v relay uses high-quality alloy terminals, and the internal contacts are silver-plated to ensure the flow and stability of current.

  • Safety Protection

The relay kit is made of high-grade flame retardant materials to protect the safety of equipment and people.

  • Wide Application

High coil capacity is suitable for cars, split charging, and various automotive applications.

WM686 Related Product 

WM686 120A 120A, 12VDC (14V Max), 4-Pin, SPST with one lock
WM686 200A 2000A, 12VDC (14V Max), 4-Pin, SPST with two locks

WM686 Relay Datasheet

Nominal Voltage (VDC) 12V
Max Applicable Voltage (VDC) 14V
Switching Current 120A / 200A
Temperature Range -30~+80°C
Contact Material AgSnO12
Contact Form Normal Open
Operate Time 15ms
Release Time 10ms

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