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WB15.7X11X5.9-JFFD Outdoor NEMA ABS Plastic Waterproof Junction Box Kit with Fan – 15.7″x11″x5.9″


The NEMA ABS plastic outdoor waterproof junction box kit includes a 12v fan, vents, dust screen, mounting plate, and cable glands.

The NEMA ABS Plastic Enclosure with excellent electrical insulation and a comprehensive line of accessories for easy installation.

WB15.7X11X5.9-JFFD Outdoor NEMA ABS Plastic Waterproof Junction Box Kit with Fan (15.7″x11″x5.9″) Features

  • Durable ABS Construction

Crafted from robust ABS plastic, this electrical junction box boasts exceptional high impact resistance and superior electrical insulation. Its design not only ensures the safety of your devices but also facilitates excellent WiFi signal reception for enhanced connectivity.

  • Efficient Ventilation System

Featuring a 12v fan and two sizable heat dissipation holes, this outdoor electrical box is optimized for effective heat removal. The fan operates promptly in response to rising temperatures, safeguarding your devices by maintaining optimal operating conditions.

  • Comprehensive Accessories

The electrical junction box comes complete with a range of accessories, including a DIN rail, a grid plate, a stainless backplane, 2 cable glands, and assorted screws. This abundance of accessories streamlines the installation process, allowing users to set up their devices effortlessly.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof Design

Engineered with 2 non-slip buckles and a built-in dust screen, this vented outdoor enclosure box ensures excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. The lockable holes add an extra layer of security, providing robust protection against environmental elements.

  • Versatile Installation Options

Suited for diverse indoor and outdoor applications, this weatherproof outdoor electrical box offers flexibility in installation. With 4 sets of metal fixing screws and 2 stainless steel hoops provided, users can choose between wall-mounted or pole-mounted setups according to their preferences.

WB15.7X11X5.9-JFFD Outdoor NEMA ABS Plastic Waterproof Junction Box Kit Datasheet

Material ABS plastic
Color White
External Dimensions Size 14.7″ × 7.8″ × 5.9″
Internal Dimensions Size 13.6″ × 10.4″ × 5.1″
Installation Type Wall/Pole Mounted

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