Toggle Switches

Daier toggle switch range from 1 to 4 poles, 1 to 20 amps. They offer a variety of nylon and metal toggle styles, as well as illuminated toggles. Several families of heavy-duty toggle switches are available, as well as a high-temperature snap-in toggle series. Certifications include CE, CQC, & TUV.

A Toggle Switch is an electromechanical switch which uses a lever or baton as an actuator. Toggle switches are available in many sizes and configurations and offer a wide range of uses. They are popular for their ease of operation and generally offer 1-3 positions to open or close a circuit. Accessories aren’t the only use for toggle switches near me, though. You can also use toggle switches to isolate individual electrical currents in your car and control their function without turning your entire electrical system on or off.

Several industries of miniature items are available as well,  normally used on some instrument. They are small and easy to operate. But also with a high-temperature. With years of design and manufacturing experience, Daier Electron is the market leader in toggle switch. We have 20 years of design experience, we are your best choice.

Toggle switches can be used for a range of functions, but perhaps the most common application is control of aftermarket accessories. If you’ve installed LED lights inside your car or added a DVD player for the backseat, you need an easy way to turn these accessories on and off. Hooking up their wiring to a toggle switch gives you the ability to easily control their functionality and minimizes the hassle of dealing with complicated controls that often come with aftermarket kits.

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Quality Guaranteed

Daier sets the industry standard for quality, high performing toggle switches. Subminiature and ultra-miniature to dual seal waterproof and high-capacity toggle switches are offered.

Quick Shipment

As 15 years production experience, we have informed a complete production line of toggle switches, customers can receive goods more quickly.

Advanced Technology Supported

We used the most advanced machine to guarantee right dimension, and we have a big R&D team who can ensure no mistake in production.

Perfect Customer Service

We have a big team who in charge of customer service, we devote to provide 24 hours service for all of customers.

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Matching indicators are available. Designed to perform and withstand extreme environments for critical applications such as construction equipment, transportation, and medical equipment.


Stronger Material, Greatly Extend The Useful Life


Different Collocation, Multiple Choice


CE, CQC, TUV, Three Safety Certifications


Simple Installation, Convenient Operating


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