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56-00028 Terminal Link Car Battery Isolator Switch


The terminal link car battery isolator switch, continuous(amp): 125A, crank(amp): 500A, voltage: 12-24V DC, diameter: 17mm/negative.

The 15.5-17mm power switch is specially designed for the battery, which can effectively prevent the loss of current.

Category :

Battery Switch

56-00028 Terminal Link Car Battery Isolator Switch Details

  • Protecting Batteries

Battery disconnect switch Helps isolate and protect the electrical system, eliminates any power consumption of the battery when the vehicle or boat is not in use, safely disconnects the battery, and improves the life of the battery.

  • Conductive Performance

The power switch is made of alloy with good plasticity and conductivity, which can reduce voltage distortion and current transmission loss.

  • Easy to Use

The design of the power-off switch is ergonomic, and the knob on the side is more effortless to turn. Just turn the knob, and you can easily and quickly disconnect and reconnect the power. When disconnecting the battery power, turn the knob until you see the threads.

  • Widely Application

This battery shut-off switch is ideal for cars, boats, trucks, RVs, vehicles, motor homes, jet skis, motorcycles, race cars, and many more overhead battery devices.

56-00027 Datasheet

12-24V DC
Continuous (Amp)
Crank (Amp)
Zinc Alloy, Brass
Cable size
4-6 AWG
Negative Post Hole

56-00028 Terminal Link Car Battery Isolator Switch Size

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