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SV Series

SV Series Terminal Connector :


  1.  Model : SV
  2.  Insulation: Vinyl
  3.  Material of Body : Copper
  4.  Plating:Tin 
  5. Color: Red, Blue, Yellow
  6. Maximum temperature:75°C



  1. Butted seam-construction prevents splitting under maximum pressure
  2. Internal barrel serrations grip wires tightly to resist pull-out and reduce electrical resistance
  3. Tin-plated brass construction for corrosion resistance
  4. Shouldered barrel insulation quickly positions for proper crimping
  5. Expanded insulation entry accommodates a wide variety of insulation diameters and provides additional insulation support
  6. Color-coded insulation and wire range stamped on terminal for easy identification


Package Includes: 


Application Range:
Electrical&Electronic Appliances,Telecommunications Network ,Automated Industry,Household Appliances,Transportation,Medical care,Data Calculation,Mobile Devices,Solar Energy,Solid State Lighting,Aviation


Terminal Connector