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SP-053 12-24V 20A SPST ON-OFF 6 Gang Rocker Switch Box with Dot LED


This 6 gang rocker switch box panel includes 6× ON-OFF SPST rocker switches with dot LED Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/White) and is crafted from rugged aluminum housing.

The 6 gang rocker switch box is a durable and versatile solution for vehicle power control with adjustable mounting brackets that blend seamlessly into vehicle interiors.

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Switch Panel

SP-053 12-24V 20A SPST ON-OFF 6 Gang Rocker Switch Box Panel with Dot LED Details

  • Durable & Waterproof

The switch box features rugged aluminum housing that is wear-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof. The frosted surface adds scratch resistance, while the adjustable mounting bracket ensures seamless integration into any vehicle interior.

  • Versatile Power Distribution

With two 40 Amp rated circuits and fuses, our switch box provides reliable protection against short circuits, overload, and reverse polarity. It’s the ideal solution for various DC power distribution needs, from off-road lighting setups to police warning lights.

  • Easy Wiring

The switch box simplifies the wiring process with one power and ground wire per circuit, along with color-coded accessory wires. Connecting your power supply and accessories separately is effortless, making installation efficient and organized.

  • Wide Compatibility

It is designed for universal use, the switch box is compatible with cars, RVs, motorcycles, buses, boats, trailers, jeeps, and UTVs. It can control up to 6 accessories simultaneously, such as light bars, fog lights, tail lights, and work lights, providing a streamlined solution for managing your accessory switches.

  • Enhanced Functionality

With its adjustable mounting bracket, our switch box offers customizable angles to seamlessly blend into your vehicle’s interior. This feature enhances both functionality and user experience, delivering a professional and tailored solution.

SP-053 12-24V 20A SPST ON-OFF 6 Gang Rocker Switch Box Panel with Dot LED Datasheet

Part NO SP-053
Switch Type 6 Gang Rocker Switch Box
Switch Function ON OFF SPST
Switch LED  Dot LED
LED Color Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/White
Voltage DC 12V / 24V
Panel Size 132x97x41mm(5.2″*3.8″*1.6″)
Housing Material Aluminum

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