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AP-30 Single Pole PP45 Model Anderson Powerpole Connector


The Anderson powerpole connectors with multiple housing sizes and the ability to handle currents up to 45A and wire sizes from m 20 to 10 AWG.

Featuring a flat wiping contact system, interchangeable genderless design, and silver-plated contacts, they ensure minimal resistance, easy assembly, and long-lasting performance.

Anderson Powerpole Connectors Details

The highly versatile Anderson Power Products Connector Series is engineered to meet diverse power connection requirements. This Powerpole family offers four housing sizes, accommodating a wide range of amperage and wire sizes within a compact footprint. From currents up to 350A to wire sizes ranging from #20 AWG (0.75 mm²) to 3/0 (70 mm²), Powerpole handles it all. With a variety of colored housing options, these connectors can be stacked together to create custom, reliable connections. Whether wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, or wire-to-busbar, Powerpole’s interchangeable contacts, and high-quality materials ensure exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness.

– Flat wiping contact system: Ensures minimal contact resistance and cleans contact surfaces during connection/disconnection.

– Interchangeable genderless design: Simplifies assembly, and reduces parts inventory.

– Silver-plated contacts (Tin on 15/45): Provides longevity and reliability for high-power and elevated temperature applications.

– Colored coded housings: Facilitate proper assembly and mating.

– Molded-in dovetails: Securely hold individual connectors together.

– Powerpole pin & socket series connector (PP10/30): Green housing visually identifies ground terminal.

– Chemical-resistant housings available: Suitable for challenging environments.

– UL94 V-0 housing material: Meets strict flammability ratings, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Experience the power, reliability, and versatility of the Anderson Power Products Connector Series, designed for your demanding applications.

Anderson Powerpole Datasheet

Rated current(Amperes): 45A
Rated voltage(Volts): 600V
Wire Size: 14/12/10AWG
Color: Red/Black/Green/Yellow/Blue/White/Gray
Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ
Average Contact Resistance(micro-ohms): <500
Without load(Contact/Disconnect Cycles): To 10000
With Load(Hot Plug 250 Cycles&120V): 20A
Material: UL94 V-0
Contact Material: Silver-plated copper
Fully Ag-plating on the surface:

Its Ag-plating thickness is1μm

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