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RL-240A-RC 12V 240A Remote Battery Disconnect Switch with LED Voltmeter


This remote battery disconnect switch features a high rating of 240A at 12V DC, ensuring exceptional reliability even in demanding conditions.

Its negative installation method prioritizes circuit safety, while the integrated LED voltmeter provides real-time battery voltage monitoring.

Category :

Battery Switch

RL-240A-RC 12V 240A Remote Battery Disconnect Switch with LED Voltmeter Details

  • High Rating and Reliability

Boasting a heavy-duty 240A 12V DC rating, this remote battery disconnect connector is designed to enhance operational reliability. It ensures steadfast performance even under demanding conditions. The package includes all necessary accessories for immediate and convenient use.

  • Negative Installation

Engineered with a negative connection approach, this car remote battery kill switch prioritizes circuit safety. Compatible with a wide range of vehicle types, it offers a secure and efficient installation method. Remember to deactivate the power before installation.

  • Integrated LED Voltmeter

Featuring an integrated LED voltmeter display, this intelligent remote battery switch allows you to easily monitor your battery voltage in real-time. This functionality enhances convenience and safety, allowing you to stay informed about your battery’s condition.

  • Efficient Energy Usage

This smart remote battery disconnect switch utilizes a magnetic holding relay, employing magnetic principles to control circuit activation and interruption. Remarkably energy-efficient, its standby current consumption is as low as 0.005A, conserving energy and resources.

  • Anti-theft and Remote Control

Furnished with two paired wireless remote fobs, this car battery disconnect switch enables remote control from distances up to 100 meters. Beyond preventing battery drain, it effectively reduces the risk of theft. This versatile 12V remote control switch suits various vehicle types, including cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and travel trailers.

RL-240A-RC Remote Battery Disconnect Switch Datasheet

Working Voltage 12V DC
Continuous Rating 240A
Intermittent Rating 360A 10s
Standby Current 5mA
Control Type Remote

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