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RBS-1 Rotary Switch Selector

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Rotary Switch

RBS-1 Series Rotary Switch Selector

This is our RBS-1 rotary switch.
They can be made with PCB terminal or solder terminal.
They also can be made with different poles and different positions.
It is most popular used in audio equipment.

Many of our rotary switches are MIL qualified to exacting electrical, mechanical and environmental standards. We offer many options including isolated positions, spring returns, adjustable stops, concentric shaft switches and configurable keylock switches. Standard rotaries can be configured with solder lug termination, PC termination, various angles of throw and multiple poles.

How to order:

RBS11 1220 V S

  • RBS: Rotary Switch
  • 1: Product Order
  • 1: Poles (1: 1 pole, 2: 2 pole, 3: 3 pole, 4: 4 pole, 6: 6pole)
  • 12: Positions (02: 1P2T/2P2T/3P2T/4P2T/6P2T, 03: 1P3T/2P3T/3P3T/4P3T, 04: 1P4T/2P4T/3P4T, 05: 1P5T/2P5T, 06: 1P6T/2P6T, 07: 1P7T, 08: 1P8T, 09: 1P9T, 10: 1P10T, 11: 1P11T, 12: 1P12T)
  • 20: Length of Shaft (15: L=15mm, 20: L=20mm, 25: L=25mm, 40: L=40mm)
  • V: Shaft Options (F: Flat shaft, R: Round shaft, V: 18teeth shaft)
  • S: Terminal Options (P: PCB terminal, S: Solder terminal)

For example, RBS-1-206-20VS, it is 2P6T with 20mm 18teeth shaft and solder terminal rotary switch.

Pls check the datasheet below:

Rating: 0.3A 125VAC;0.15A 250VAC Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Contact Resistance: ≤20mΩ Rotation Torque: 1.0+/-0.5 kgf
Insulation Resistance: 100mΩ min(500VDC) Electrical Life: ≥ 10,000 Cycles
Dielectric strength: 1000VAC 1 minute OEM or ODM: Available