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RB-R6F6-W2 Universal Pre-wired 6 Slots 12 Volt Auto Fuses and Relays Box


The auto fuses and relays box is a 6-slot relay and 6-slot fuse design that includes 6×Bosch-style 4-pin relays, 6×ATC/ATO fuses, and pre-wired.

The 12-volt relay box is equipped with clearly labelled terminals for relays and fuses, making it easy to install and ready to use, even for DIY enthusiasts.

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Relay & Relay Box

RB-R6F6-W2 Pre-wired 6 Slots 12 Volt Auto Fuses and Relays Box Details

  • Superior Capacity

This 6-slot relay holder box boasts ample space for various automotive relay applications, accommodating up to 6 x 4-pin Bosch style relays. This allows for the installation of multiple relays for different electrical devices, such as headlights, horns, and winches, in a single, organized location.

  • Efficient Integration

The fuse relay box combines ATC/ATO fuses and relays in a 6-slot design, promoting safety and enhancing relay and fuse management efficiency. By integrating fuses and relays into a single unit, the box simplifies wiring and reduces the risk of electrical shorts and malfunctions.

  • Convenient Installation

The 12-volt relay box features clearly labeled terminals for relays and fuses, making it easy for even DIY enthusiasts to install and use right away. The included mounting hardware and user manual further simplify the installation process.

  • Comprehensive Protection

The top and bottom covers of the Automotive Relay Boxes are made of high-grade materials for durability and are fully IP66 rated for water and dust resistance. This ensures that your relays and fuses are protected from moisture, dust and other environmental factors, even in harsh conditions.

  • Durable Construction

The relay box is constructed from quality materials such as flame retardant ABS plastic and copper terminals to ensure long-lasting performance and reliable protection for automotive electrical systems. The rugged construction can withstand extreme temperatures, vibration and corrosion, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

RB-R6F6-W1 Auto Fuses and Relays Box Datasheet

Part NO RB-R6F6-W2
Fuse Type ATC & ATO Fuse
Relay Type Bosch Relay 
Number of Fuse Slots 6PC
Number of Relay Slots 6x SPST 4 Pin Relay
Applications for Car Truck Marine, Automotive, Motorsport

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