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RB-R6F11-W1 11Way Pre-wired Relays and Fuses Relay Block Box


The 11-way relays and fuses relay block box includes 6×4-pin or 5-pin relays, 11×blade fuses, 30×relay terminals, 22×fuse terminals with pre-wired.

This 12v relay box will also come with terminals for relays and fuses, which will enable you to install and use the fuse and relay box at once.

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RB-R6F11-W1 11Way Pre-wired Relays and Fuses Relay Block Box Details

  • Ample Relay Capacity

Featuring a 6-slot relay panel design, the 11-Way Pre-Wired Fuse Relay Box accommodates up to 6 five-pin Bosch-style relays, ensuring robust and organized relay management.

  • Enhanced Fuse and Relay Security

With its 11-slot fuse holder design for ATC/ATO fuses, this fuse box with relay provides a secure and reliable solution for fuse and relay applications, bolstering safety during usage.

  • Convenient Terminal Integration

The comprehensive package includes terminals tailored for relays and fuses, streamlining the installation process. This enables seamless setup and immediate utilization of the fuse and relay box.

  • Comprehensive Protection

Equipped with a top and bottom cover, this universal fuse and relay box offers full coverage to create a waterproof seal. This protective measure ensures the durability and reliability of the relay fuse box.

  • Versatile Application

The 11-Way Pre-Wired Fuse Relay Box finds extensive use in various settings, such as automotive, marine, and industrial applications. Its multifunctional design offers versatility and convenience for a wide range of electrical systems.

RB-R6F11-W1 Relays and Fuses Relay Block Box Datasheet

Fuse Type ATC & ATO Fuse
Relay Type Bosch Relay
Number of Fuse Slots 11
Number of Relay Slots 6 x 5-Pin or 4-Pin Bosch Style

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