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QSA-2 Micro 2 Fuse TAP 20 Amp Fuse Holder


The 20 Amp fuse holder’s length of the 16 AWG(6 inches) wire and fits Micro 2 (ATR/APT) fuses with 12/24V DC electrical systems.

This dual-slot add-a-circuit fuse holder provides a fuse slot for the existing OEM circuit and a second slot with 20A blade fuse for a new circuit.

QSA-2 Micro 2 Fuse TAP 20 Amp Fuse Holder

  • Dual Protection

It provides one fuse holder to protect existing circuits and another fuse holder to protect new circuits. Blue flexible receptacle tails make it very easy to connect to any exposed wire using only a vise.

  • Easy to Use

No need to cut or splice wires to install electronic accessories, very convenient and easy to add an additional power source or connect to the fuse block.

  • Superior Quality

All of them are made of high-quality materials with good bending properties, fusibility, and excellent conductivity, providing durability and practicality for your DIY applications.

  • Widely Applications

It is suitable for use in adding LED strips, radar detectors, dash cams or any other electronics that require direct wiring to the fuse box.

QSA-2 Datasheet

Type Add-a-circuit blade fuse holder
Cable Type 16 AWG
Wire Length 6 inches
Support Fuse ATR/APT Micro 2 Fuse
Rating 12/24V DC

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