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POP-3 RV Panel with 30 and 50 Amp Receptacles


The RV panel has two outlets for 30 Amp, 50 Amp and one 20-Amp GFCI Receptacle, and each outlet is protected by a circuit breaker.

This panel is designed for outdoor service and can meet the needs of temporary charging at construction sites, RVs, new energy vehicles, parking lots, etc.

POP-3 RV Panel with 30 and 50 Amp ReceptaclesDetails

  • Professional Equipment

The Panel is made of heavy-duty cold-rolled steel. The size is 5.12″ length x 3.14″ width x 3.14″ height. This panel has a large interior design and is wide enough to fully close the cover when powered.

  • Rugged & Durable

This power socket panel shell adopts overall spraying process and double anti-rust material, which has strong corrosion resistance, so it is water-proof, lightning-proof, fire-proof, dust-proof, UV-proof, and has a longer service life.

  • Safety Protection

This RV breaker box comes with UL listed, 50 amp, 30 amp receptacles, and a 20 Amp GFCI Receptacle, each protected by a circuit breaker, making temporary power to construction sites and RVs easier and safer. The multi-hole heat dissipation on both sides of the power outlet panel quickly reduces the temperature inside the box to avoid accidents caused by high temperatures.

  • User-friendly

In order to solve your wiring troubles, we connect the wiring inside the RV breaker box, you only need to connect the wiring at both ends to use, which saves you a lot of time and is more convenient for you to carry and use.

  • Widely Application

The RV panel is designed for outdoor service to meet the temporary power supply needs of outdoor construction sites, RVs, new energy trams, motorcycles, etc. It is more convenient.

POP-3 RV Panel Datasheet

Size 5.12″ x 3.14″ x 3.14″(L*W*H)
Number of Max PV array 6
Material Heavy-duty Cold-rolled Steel
Voltage Rating 125V/250V
Current Rating 50 amp, 30 amp and a 20 amp receptacle
Certification UL listed

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