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POP-1-50A-C 125/250V 50 Amp RV Outlet Box with Circuit Breaker NEMA 14-50R Receptacle


The 125/250V 50 Amp RV Outlet Box with built-in circuit protection and a NEMA 14-50R receptacle features a 50A circuit breaker for automatic overload prevention, ensuring both convenience and safety.

This professional-grade outdoor electrical receptacle panel is constructed from durable cold-rolled steel with weatherproof and rust-resistant features, making it ideal for rigorous outdoor conditions.

POP-1-50A-C 125/250V 50 Amp RV Outlet Box with Circuit Breaker Details

  • Professional-Grade 50Amp RV Outlet

Crafted from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel, this 50 Amp 125/250V RV Power Outlet Box is built to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions. It measures 6.7″×6.3″×6″ and features a UL Certified 50 amp outlet, each safeguarded by a circuit breaker, making it ideal for use on construction sites and with RVs.

  • Built-In Circuit Protection

Our 50 Amp RV Power Outlet Box is equipped with a 50A circuit breaker that provides automatic circuit interruption in case of an overload, enhancing convenience and safety by eliminating the need for a separate installation.

  • Weatherproof and Durable

The RV Receptacle features a shell with a comprehensive spray coating and dual rust-resistant materials, ensuring robust corrosion resistance. This design makes it waterproof, anti-thunder, fire-resistant, dustproof, UV-protected, and significantly extends its lifespan. The swing cover of the 50A outlet box includes a damping system, ensuring it stays securely in place, making it easy to open and close during use.

  • Effortless Installation and Wiring

Our outdoor 50 amp RV receptacle simplifies installation with pre-drilled mounting brackets located both above and below the box. Three strategically positioned knockouts on the RV outlet box offer flexibility for connecting your power cord, saving time and enhancing convenience.

  • Versatile Applications

This 50 Amp RV Outlet Panel is designed for outdoor service and caters to the temporary power supply needs of various applications, including outdoor construction sites, RVs, electric trams, motorcycles, and more. It’s a convenient and reliable solution.

POP-1-50A-C 125/250V 50 Amp RV Outlet Box Datasheet

Material Iron, Type 3R Enclosure Rainproof
Socket Type Nema 14-50R
Current Rating 50Amp
Operating Voltage 125 Volts / 250 Volts
Wire Range 10-4AWG

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