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PN-SPRF8 Wireless Control 8 Gang Switch Panel with Green/Blue LED


This wireless 8 gang switch panel’s total power will go to 600W @ 12V, 1000W @ 24V and the maximum current is 80 A. LED color: Blue or Green.

This a perfect solution to clean up all the messy wiring harnesses and control everything with this wireless switch panel.

PN-SPRF8 Wireless 8 Gang Switch Panel Details

Product Description:

  • Application

Wiring in advance, which allows you to control 8 groups of LED lights and accessories together, and no longer takes up extra space. High sensitivity, stability and strong anti-interference ability. You easily install them in 12V and 24V vehicles. It is suitable for different types of cars, off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, etc.

Various switches for controlling the general electric equipment in the vehicle:

headlights and this 8 gang switch panel can be installed on the instrument panel, instrument panel, central console, gear seat, overhead sunglasses frame, A-pillar in the vehicle, etc.

  • Specification

8 groups of switch panels, so that you can externally control 8 groups of LED lights and accessories together, without taking up additional space. High sensitivity, stability and strong anti-interference ability. Customize self-adhesive labels to help you determine each button according to your specific needs.

  • Safety

The circuit breaker adopts 80OA reset, overcurrent protection, reverse polarity protection and thermal protection.

Meet the requirements of vehicle safety specifications.

Control box:

Fixing method: bracket locking

Maximum carrying current:

30A–2 channels

20A–2 channels


5A–2 channels

Each circuit shall not exceed the limited maximum current, and the overall power shall not exceed 80A

PN-SPRF8 Internal structure diagram

Before installing the control box, please connect the input power cord to the positive and negative poles

RF controller:

Charging mode: type-C charging

Charging indicator light: red flashes, blue is on, and the battery is full.

Standby time: 1000h

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Frequency matching mode: within one minute after the integrated controller is powered on, press the fifth key counterclockwise of the controller for 5 times. When the fifth fuse indicator of the control gold flashes, the frequency matching is completed

The white button in the middle is all on/all off, and the backlight is on after long press.

PN-SPRF8 8 Panel View

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PN-SPRF8 8 Gang Switch Panel Instruction Manual

PN-SPRF8 Instruction Manual