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PN-R4S2-2 4 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with Automobile Auxiliary Power Outlet


The 4 gang rocker switch panel designed with USB outlet QC3.0, USB type-c outlet, cigarette lighter socket, digital voltmeter, and pre-wired built-in 15A fuses.

With its enhanced design, compact size, enhanced safety features, IP65 waterproof rating, and comprehensive package.

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Switch Panel

PN-R4S2-2 4 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with Automobile Auxiliary Power Outlet Details

  • Enhanced Design

Our 4 Gang Rocker Switch Panel features the addition of a USB C interface, providing ultra-fast charging speeds for devices with PD Type C Power Delivery 2.0. The included QC 3.0 USB charging port offers exceptional charging efficiency, four times faster than standard chargers, making it compatible with all popular USB devices.

  • Compact Size

In comparison to other similar products, our switch panel is designed to be smaller while still incorporating LED voltmeters. We have strategically positioned the meter between the QC 3.0 12V USB and USB C ports, allowing for a quick glance at the real-time status of the vehicle battery voltage. This design saves space without compromising performance.

  • Enhanced Safety

Unlike most 12V switch panels made of ABS material, our panel is constructed with aluminum panels. This choice not only provides better heat dissipation but also ensures a safer usage experience. The aluminum panels are scratch-proof, corrosion-resistant, and built to withstand rigorous conditions.

  • IP65 Waterproof Rating

Our rocker switch buttons have undergone rigorous testing for IP65 water resistance. Additionally, the panel includes pre-wiring and a built-in 15A Fuse, along with Overload Protection. These features make the panel exceptionally secure, making it ideal for use in boats and cars where water exposure may occur.

  • Confidence in Your Purchase

Our cigarette lighter socket is designed with a blue LED light, allowing for easy identification even during nighttime driving. The panel comes with pre-wiring, mounting screws, and a set of labels for straightforward installation. Should you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you.

PN-R4S2-2 Datasheet

Voltmeter Display Range 0- 24VDC
Rocker Switch ON-OFF
Installation Pre-wired
Material ABS, Nylon, Aluminum
USB Output DC 5V (2.1A/2.1A)
Power Outlet DC 12V
LED Color Black Shell &Blue LED Light

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