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PN-L8S4-1 12-24V Waterproof LED 8 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with Pre-wired


The 8 gang rocker switch panel for 12V-24VDC with 8×rocker switches, 2×2.1A dual USB charger, 2×auxiliary power outlet and a voltmeter.

The 8 gang rocker switch panel features rugged anodized aluminum construction and its pre-wired design is rated at 20A per circuit to ensure an easy and secure connection.

PN-L8S4-1 12-24V LED 8 Gang Rocker Switch Panel Details

  • Rugged Construction

Crafted from anodized aluminum, this 8-gang marine switch panel offers exceptional durability and strength, outperforming plastic alternatives.

  • Versatile Charging

Featuring cigarette lighter sockets, this boat switch panel not only accommodates lighting cigarettes but also accepts a wide range of 12V to 24V accessory plugs for versatile charging, including phones.

  • Simplified Wiring

Designed with a pre-wired configuration, the 8-way waterproof panel boasts a 20A rated current for each way, ensuring seamless and secure connections for enhanced convenience and safety.

  • Enhanced Waterproofing

Built with an IP66 waterproof design, the rocker switch panel comes with rubber sealing covers for each socket, significantly enhancing safety and extending the panel’s service life.

  • Wide Compatibility

Perfect for a variety of applications, this 12V rocker toggle switch is well-suited for use in cars, buses, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, RZRs, boats, and more, offering versatile control across different vehicles and setting

PN-L8S4-1 8 Gang Rocker Switch Panel Datasheet

Part NO PN-L8S4-1
Type 8 Gang Marine Switch Panel
Voltage 12VDC / 24VDC
Switch Function SPST ON OFF
Switch LED  Dual LED
LED Color Blue
Switch Terminal 5 Pins
USB Output Dual 5V,2.1A 
Voltmeter Measuring Range 8V – 48V
Plate Material Aluminum
Panel Size 8.9″x 4.32″

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