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PN-L6S3 6 Gang 12v Switch Panel Marine


PN-L6S3 6 gang 12v switch panel marine used for DC 12V-24V, 6×rocker switches, 1×3.1A dual USB charger, cigarette socket, and digital voltmeter.

Short circuit/overheat protection built-in overload protection suitable for most DC 12V-24V cars, UTVs/ATVs, trucks, trailers, RVs, caravans, buses, boats, yachts, etc.

Category :

Switch Panel

PN-L6S3 6 Gang 12v Switch Panel Marine Details

  • Safety Protection

The switch panel has a built-in fuse, which is easy to replace and prevents overheating, overcurrent, and short circuit.

  • Strong Durability

The switch panel is made of reinforced aluminum plate and pins with good conductivity to ensure its durability.

  • Visual Feedback

Illuminated toggle switches operate at 12 volts DC and light up to provide visual feedback of your circuit operation.

  • Water Resistance

The switch panel adopts waterproof marine switches and a splash-proof panel, which can be well adapted to the marine environment.

  • Wide Application

This switch is suitable for 12v-24v systems and widely applicable for cars, TV/ATV, trucks, trailers, RV, boats, yachts, etc.

PN-L6S3 Datasheet

Rating 12V 20A / 24V 10A
Installation Pre-wired
Material ABS, Nylon, Aluminum
Waterproof grade IP65
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃
LED Color Green/Red/Blue

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