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PN-AB2 3-Way Bilge Pump Switch Panel


The 3-way bilge pump switch panel is waterproof and used for current: 15A; voltage: 12/24/32V DC; switch position: MAN-OFF-AUTO.

The bilge pump switch panel includes 1 x switch panel, 1 x connect cable, 3 x connector, 4 x screws, and 1 x manual.

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Switch Panel

PN-AB2 3-Way Bilge Pump Switch Panel Details

  • Function

The marine bilge pump can control any 12V or 24V DC bilge pump with an automatic float switch. When the switch is on, the panel is black and there are LED indicators on the switch.

  • Metal Material

The bilge pump rocker switch is made of black ABS plate, which is durable and reliable to use. Good quality not only can provide more safety for your life, but also good material can increase the life of the product.

  • Feature

Built-in fuse holder and internally lit three-position switch (auto, off, manual). The three-position rocker switch illuminates when automatic mode is selected. the 3-way bilge pump panel rocker switch also has a “fail-safe” spring that returns the switch from the “manual” position to “off” so it does not accidentally keep the pump on. A manual control option is also available.

  • Built-in

The bilge pump 3-way panel has a built-in fuse holder, so there is no need to connect a separate fuse. This switch protects the submersible pump from increasing the current and avoiding burning out the motor.

  • Standard Specification

Automatic bilge pump 12v for marine meets strict quality control standards and is reliable in use. Manufactured according to original factory specifications, built to standard specifications, and strictly following factory quality control.

PN-AB2 Bilge Pump Switch Panel Datasheet

Material Plastic and Metal
Voltage 12V, 24V, 32V
Current 15A
Feature With Aluminum Plate
Protection Waterproof; Weatherproof; Dustproof
Size 2.95″ x 2.44″ x 2.48″(75mm x 62mm x 63mm)

PN-AB2 Dimension Drawing


PN-AB2 Dimension Drawing

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