KN-1900H Pedal Topper

KN-1900H Pedal Topper:

Plastic Knob with 6.35MM Shaft Hole Diameter, Set Screw, have different color for your choice.

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KN-1900H Pedal Topper:

KN-1900H-S work great with 6.3mm shaft.
This type knob is colorful plastic outlook with indicator lline on the top of the knob. It’s with set screw to fix.
It’s easy to set on the potentiometer’s with screw.
There are one kinds of shaft for this knob.
Original  6.3mm knob  with set screw beside the housing.
Available color: red, green, yellow, blue, white, black, cream, purple, orange, brown, transparent.
Many colors are available.

KN-1900H Pedal Topper datasheet below:

Material: ABS Shaft: 6.3mm
Color: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, etc. Height: 16mm
Diameter: 12.7mm Inner  Diameter: 12mm
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃ OEM or ODM: Available

KN-1900H 6.3mm:

KN-1900H potentiometer knob 6.3mm