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PBS-24-202SP PCB Lugs Guitar Effect DPDT Switch


PBS-24-202SP PCB lugs guitar effect DPDT switch, contact type: ON-ON, DPDT; rated voltage: 4A 125V AC/2A 250V AC; terminal: 6 Pins.

These are the sturdy little stomp switches that you find on guitar effects pedals. They’re DPDT on-(on) type switches which mount into a 12mm diameter hole.

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Foot Switch

PBS-24-202SP PCB Lugs Guitar Effect DPDT Switch Details

  • Easy Installation

This switch saves the trouble of welding and makes the button type instantaneous switch easy to install and use.

  • Automatic Mechanism

The automatic mechanism immediately returns the switch to the standard position, thereby restoring the original switch state.

  • Sturdy Construction

Soft Touch Switch (No Click Sound when press down), It’s silent operation, easy to press and durable.

  • Wide Application

It is widely used in home improvement and control the operation of many small power electronic projects.

PBS-24-202SP Datasheet

Rating 4A 125V AC; 2A 250V AC
Contact R 20mΩ max
Insulation 500V DC 100MΩ min
Dielectric Strength 1Minute 1000V AC
Electrical Life 10,000 Cycles
L 14.2; 11.8; 9.8

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