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PBDD Series

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PBDD Series Piggy Back Quick Disconnect Terminals:

PBDD series piggy back quick disconnect terminals and their matching male counterparts accommodate a vast AWG, and are available in fully-​insulated, non-​insulated, and partially-​insulated options. Wire ranges include yellow in 12-​10 AWG, blue in 16-​14, and red in 22-​18 with convenient packages of 100 or 1000. Female disconnect terminal types include vinyl, nylon, heat shrink, and high temperature materials. Choose from non-​insulated, barrel insulated, and fully-​insulated quick disconnects offered in a variety of tab widths, including .110 inch, .187 inch, and .250 inch options to meet your specific application needs. The unique construction of these safe and reliable female quick disconnect terminals provide an ease-​of-​use and long-​term dependability that you can always count on! 

Quick Disconnect Terminals