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12mm and 16mm Waterproof Push Button Switch

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With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the plastic push button switch has gradually become obsolete. So did waterproof push button switch

waterproof push botton switch


Daier developed metal push button switch, the alternate name is an anti-vandal switch, it is a waterproof switch. It can be safer for use in living and production.

It offers multiple color ring illumination options and multiple voltage options. And there are latching and momentary function. In a word, there are many options for you. Safety, Good quality, Long life are the most important advantages of waterproof button switch.

Now we developed 12mm and 16mm panel mount size of it because these two dimensions are widely used in now world. Pls don’t worry, we will develop another dimension soon.

12mm and 16mm Waterproof Push Button Switch
12mm and 16mm Waterproof Push Button Switch