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The Use & Application of Toggle Switch

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Toggle switch is a kind of switch which can switch the circuit on or off by turning the handle of the switch. The commonly used types of toggle switch include single pole double position, single pole three position, double pole double position and double pole three position. It has the characteristics of flexible slider movement and stable and reliable performance. It is widely used in various instruments or instrument equipment, various electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment and other electronic products.

toggle switches

Precautions for use of toggle switch

  1. Use within electrical rating. If it is used beyond the rated value, it will not only reduce its durability, but also have the risk of heating and burning.
  2. The instantaneous voltage, current during opening and closing shall be used within the range of rated voltage and current.

Application of toggle switch

  1. High current sealed toggle switch. This kind of switch has a limited current. Its current can only be 5A at most, and it needs to adopt sealing technology. This technology is sealed with epoxy resin, as can be seen from the name. There are many ways to look at it. Generally, its contact materials are different in different functions. Usually there are two kinds of silver plating and gold plating, mainly used in electrical appliances and machinery.
  2. Patch type toggle switch. This kind of toggle switch is installed on the surface. If it is to be switched, it is generally operated on the side, and the pin is of the chip type. This kind of toggle switch is commonly seen in communication and digital audio-visual.
  3. In line toggle switch. The name is determined by its contact form, and its pin is in-line type. The most special thing is that it has two, three and four gear options. It also has bracket, which is used to support and fix, and connect electricity. It is widely used in building automation and electronic products.


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