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What Are The Advantages of Tact Switches?

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In our daily lives, there are many types of electronic products. We tend to pay most attention to their functions and functions, but we pay little attention to other aspects of electronic products, such as their circuit principles, and their power switches. There are many kinds of switches for electronic products. Tact switch is one of them. Tact switch is a kind of electronic switch that can be turned on by simply touching the switch button. It is very convenient to use. So, is there anyone who knows the advantages of tact switch? Today we will discuss the topic of the advantages of tact switch.

Advantage of Tact Switches

The tact switch adopts a unique sealing technology. That is to say, it has the function of waterproof, anti oil and anti pollution, as well as anti-static function. This makes it won’t be easily polluted and interfered.

The manufacturing cost of light touch switch is very low. Some film switches even cost a few cents. For an electronic component with many functions, such price has given it a considerable advantage in the market.

Small and light is another advantage. Generally, tact switch with a lamp weighs only a few to dozens of grams. So it is very convenient for installation and carrying.

tact switch

Tact switch also has good conductivity. Its circuit can be printed with carbon paste, silver paste or copper foil, etc. The conductive layer can be folded at will without any problem. What’s more, the special film switch can withstand high voltage without damage to performance.

Beautiful appearance and long service life. Although many electronic switches have beautiful appearance and good service life. These two characteristics of tatct switch are worth mentioning in many electronic switches.

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