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How to Have a Custom 12 Volt Control Box?

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PCP-1 12 Volt Control Box Detail

What is a 12 Volt Control Box?

A 12 volt control box is a metal box that usually contains a variety of 12V instruments such as switches, quick-connect connectors, sockets, voltmeters, etc. The control box provides a physical interface to allow control and monitoring of equipment and is the best solution for any 12V assembly. It is suitable for the back of 4x4s or caravans and other 12V systems.

Why Need a 12 Volt Control Box?

Whether you are planning to go on a short camping vacation or a road trip, the vast majority of people need to charge devices such as phones and laptops, so electricity is vital to the role and indispensable.

When you’re camping or traveling in a 4×4, prepare to set up camp. You turn off your car’s engine and your car no longer has any power and no way to power your refrigerator or any other device. That’s when you need deep cycle batteries, and when those devices are powered up, you also need to monitor their available power, voltage, and real-time power consumption. You can install a battery monitor to do this, but you will still need to charge the deep-cycle batteries with a DC-DC charger, even if you are using a solar panel with a regulator. However, once you’ve sorted out your power needs and how to charge and monitor your deep-cycle batteries, you need to distribute all that power to your appliances.

The easiest solution for all your power needs is to install a 12 volt control box.

Benefits of a 12 Volt Control Box

The benefit of a 12 volt control box is that you can easily power all of your appliances, such as your refrigerator or coffee maker when you are on the road, camping, and away from power. When you’re traveling and camping, having all the comforts of home makes this trip experience even better! This 12 volt control box is very easy to install and set up and is a safe, reliable system while providing plenty of space for all your switches, wires, and 12 volt devices. However, if you want to run 240V appliances, you need to include an inverter because they consume more energy and drain your batteries quickly.

What does Daier’s 12 Volt Control Box Offer?

Daier’s 12V control boxes typically include 1×fuse holder, 5×rocker switches, 1×dual USB outlet, 3×12V outlets, 1×voltmeter, and 2×Anderson plugs. These sockets give you plenty of options for charging and running your auxiliary batteries while driving and charging your appliances while camping.

Unscrew the face and there is a negative bus bar and negative M10 terminal inside, as well as two positive terminals for the starter and auxiliary batteries. This means that wiring both batteries for a dual-battery system is easy. You’ll also get a pre-labeled sticker to customize your setup to your needs.

When you want an exclusive 12V control box, you can tally up all your power needs and even the logo you want, send it to us, and we support customizing your custom 12V control box! All control boxes are pre-wired so you just plug them into your battery system and you’re ready to go. As part of your 4WD, caravan, truck, etc. setup, we’re sure it’ll look great!

If you would like more information on the 12V control box or happen to need a 12 volt control box for your next camping trip. You click on the link PCP-1 or you can send an email to us at sales1@chinadaier.com and we’ll be happy to help you out!